Loading Photobatch Orthophotos and DEMs

  1. Make sure that all the orthophotos and DEMs for the contexts you closed today are available. If they are not, check in with the 3D Spatial team to make sure that they are being processed and will be added during the afternoon.
  2. Add to the project the orthophoto of the first context you excavated today. (The orthophoto should be a true-color image of the context; if the colors are wrong, change the symbology in Properties> Symbology)
    1. The orthophoto is named with the photobatch number for the bottom of that context; it also has the prefix “P” to distinguish it from the DEM of the same context (which has prefix Z).
    2. Note that you may need to refer to the orthophoto(s) that define the top of the context(s) you are digitizing to capture the full extent of the spatial contexts and/or features of relevance most accurately. You should always keep this need to define the outlines of the context in mind while you are excavating in the field; the previous day plan in your notes can be a helpful tool to keep track of the shape and extent of contexts that are in progress.

TIP: If you are drawing a context that has both a top and bottom photobatch (which is often the case for an object), it is usually better to draw the spatial context polygon with the top photobatch—so the polygon. can match the shape of the object—and the illustrations with the bottom photobatch.

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