Setting Up Survey Projects

  1. Set up needed survey projects ahead of time, either on a computer or mobile phone
    1. On a computer: Open a browser and log in to Emlid Flow 360 using the projects designated account and password (see a supervisor for this).
    1. On a mobile phone: install the Emlid Flow mobile app on the mobile phone(s) that will connect to the receivers and log in using the project’s designated account and password (see a supervisor for this).
  2. Presuming that a desired project does not exist, click on + New Project and in the Info panel of the window that opens, give the new project an appropriate Name.
  1. Each active excavation area should have three individual projects:
[EA]_coded_targetsThis project is used frequently to collect the point coordinates of coded targets associated with photobatch processes and 3D recording protocols.
[EA]_approximate_contextsThis project is used commonly to collect the point coordinates of samples designated as approximate contexts in the KAP recording system. These coordinates are eventually transferred to the [EA]_context_approximate_points GIS layer.
[EA]_elevationsThis project is used more rarely to collect point elevations of contexts, features, or samples to document their top or bottom elevations, heights, or depths for illustration in day plans in the [EA]_day_plan_elevation_points_[year] GIS layer.
  1. In the Settings section, leave Code library at the default. For Coordinate system, click the Edit button (pencil logo), then Choose from the library> Choose coordinate system and in the search bar, enter Turkey and select WGS 84 / UTM zone 35N. Leave the Vertical datum at the default Ellipsoidal Height and click Apply.
    1. Note that while the Info setting can be modified later, the Settings cannot. Double check that they are entered correctly.
  1. In the New Project window, click Create Project and the project is ready for use!

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