Breaking Down the Base and Rover in the Field

At or close to the end of the field-work day—or at the approach of lightning storms—take time to dismount and pack up the GNSS equipment carefully. This helps to preserve its current condition and long-term working lifetime.

  1. Turn off each receiver by pressing the power button until all lights go off. It does not matter which receiver is turned off first.
  2. Carefully dismount the rover receiver and mobile phone from the telescoping survey pole. Telescope (collapse) the survey pole and store it in its case with its rubber point protector.
  3. Carefully dismount the base receiver from the 15-cm extension rod on the survey marker.
  4. Carefully remove each receiver antenna by carefully unscrewing it. Reseal the blue rubber LoRa gasket on each receiver; store the receiver in its case; store the antenna in the lid of the case; and store both receiver cases in the GNSS bag. 
  5. Dismount the 15-cm extension rod from the survey marker and store it in the GNSS bag.
  6. At the end of each day of field work, the both receivers and mobile phones should be charged in the lab in preparation for the next day of field work.

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