Reports: Overview

Reports at Kaymakçı are written within general areas of project research (e.g., archaeobotany, excavation areas, bioarchaeology, ceramics, conservation, digital archaeology, metals, small finds,
stones (ground and lithic), zooarchaeology), for project archives, for Ministry Representatives, and at multiple points during each field season. Project reports are relatively long, formal documents that include figures, plans, spreadsheets, etc. and that usually take the form of “interim” and “final” reports, written around the middle and at the end of the season. Reports for Ministry Representatives are relatively short documents that include figures and plans and that are submitted in advance of the representatives’ own required 15-day reports.

All reports must be submitted by the deadlines provided. It is essential that reports and associated files be completed and saved on the server before project members depart the project.

Templates for some types of reports (e.g., interim and final excavation area reports) can be found at links in the respective section of this site.

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