Voices From the Field (2022-07-01)

Getting to the Bone of It: Zooarchaeology!

Gygaia Projects

With the new excavation season, we welcomed a new crop of zooarchaeologists to Kaymakçı this year: Şengül Fındıklar, Yuka Oiwa, Duru Durmaz, and Tuğçe Yalçın.

Duru is a sophomore archaeology student at Koç University, who is quite interested in working with animal bones and maritime archaeology. She is excited to find out more about fish bones from Lake Marmara. Yuka is an archaeologist who has worked in many different places around the world, including Peru and Puerto Rico. Here, she is learning about the archaeology of western Anatolia after volunteering at Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) this past year, helping to rehouse and relabel its zooarchaeological reference collection. Tuğçe has just graduated from Koç University with a double major in Archaeology and the History of Art and History. She wants to pursue a career in Environmental Archaeology. This lab is perfect for her! Last but not least, Şengül is back from her PhD research in Tubingen University. She has been looking for fish in this year’s collections and we are sure, with the experience of previous seasons, that she will get a good catch!

After an introductory workshop on Kaymakçı zooarchaeology, the team immediately started analyzing the bones recovered this season. So far, we have found many of our beloved sheep, goat, and pigs, but also a noteworthy amount of deer. We look forward to learning more from this year’s gems.

Look forward to more posts from Gygaia Projects soon!