Voices From the Field (2022-05-11)

April Showers… and a New Field Season

Gygaia Projects

Even with a relatively dry spring, the Carpobrotus edulis (Ice plant) ground cover at the Asphodel Research Center erupted in May, just in time to usher in a new field season vibrantly.

The season started with the routine (yet almost ritual) breaking of seals and opening of the depot under the supervision of our friends from the Manisa Museum. Lab work began with a depot inventory project and detailed ceramic recording and analyses. Field work in May began with preparations of the digital infrastructure that enables our paperless archaeological approach to recording in archaeology.

Other May field work included a continuing collaboration with Dr. Zeki Kaya (Middle Eastern Technical University) and colleagues Dr. Alper Gürbüz and Dr. Funda Özdemir Değirmenci. This year we’re working together on Zeki’s TÜBİTAK grant on “Determination of the Agricultural and Vegetation History of the Marmara Lake Basin and Gediz Valley Using Paleogenetic and Geological Data.”

In addition to forthcoming fieldwork planning, field walks with Zeki benefited from his sharp botanical eye in identifying a variety of local plants and trees, from wild oaks, pears, and almonds, to various thistles and an oddly situated Dog rose (Rosa canina) growing out of a Kermes oak (Quercus coccifera).

Look forward to more posts from Gygaia Projects soon!