Voices From the Field (2022-02-15)

Ceramic Explorations in Prague

Gygaia Projects

In the last quarter of 2021, Koç University PhD student and Kaymakçı Archaeological Project Assistant Director and ceramicist Tunç Kaner made good use of his Machteld J. Mellink Fellowship from ARIT to visit Prof. Dr. Peter Pavúk, his colleagues, and students at the Institute of Classical Archaeology of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

An interior view of the Institute of Classical Archaeology’s library.

The topics of meetings, seminars, and discussions all focused on Kaymakçı and its ceramic development, which is at the core of Tunç’s PhD project. In this phase of study, Kaymakçı’s architectural phases were reviewed based on excavator reports, focusing mainly on excavation area 99.526, which is also the area that serves as the primary case study for the project. With the combination of architectural remains and ceramic data, Peter and Tunç began to correlate ceramic developments with the four stratigraphic “Excavation Area Phases” (EAPs) previously identified in the excavation area and worked on clarifying the parameters needed to make energetic calculations for ceramic production at Bronze Age Kaymakçı.

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