Voices From the Field (2021-09-25)

A New Thesis on Cattle at Kaymakçı

Gygaia Projects

We are pleased to announce a new Koç University MA thesis by Şengül Fındıklar on zooarchaeological analyses of cattle bones from Kaymakçı. See below for details!

Mighty Cattle: Zooarchaeological Analyses of Bos Husbandry Practices in Late Bronze Age Kaymakçı, Western Anatolia

Şengül Fındıklar

Abstract: The study aimed to understand the animal management strategies adopted by people at Kaymakçı, how Kaymakçı was situated in Late Bronze Age Anatolia, and the importance of cattle by means of subsistence and symbology. Of specific interest is how these economic practices contributed to and sustained ongoing daily life, such as choices in diet, and management of livestock (meat, dairy, and power). The results of this study establish a baseline for further research in western Anatolian LBA animal management systems and provide a decent comparison of LBA cattle cultures between western and central Anatolia. By means of animal economies, Kaymakçı is characterized as a local western Anatolian community in which adopted strategic behavior towards animals, especially cattle, in accordance with its culture, environment, and sociopolitical interests.

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