Voices From the Field (2021-06-22)

Auditory Heritage at the Trowel’s Edge

Gygaia Projects

A day in the trenches comes with hard work, a lot of sun, and a rich array of auditory stimuli. Here we thought it appropriate to record some of the heritage sounds one hears when excavating and to link photographs of the tools alongside their performances. Of course, each tool and each sound is made possible by a person. Without the dedication and expertise of the entire field team, it would be impossible to collect the compelling KAP datasets.

A selection of our June field team members

We recommend listening first without peeking at the images and captions below to see if you might be able to link the sounds with their origins. Depending on the context, one chooses the appropriate tools. Happy listening!

A selection of small are large hoe-like picks (and the sound they make moving through deposits of fill, above)
Trowels used at Kaymakçı (and the sound they make scraping a surface, above)
Wheelbarrows (and the sound of wheelbarrowing bucket-fulls of sediment to the sieve, above)
Our sieve (and the sound of sediment being sieved, above)

Look forward to more posts from Gygaia Projects soon!