Voices From the Field (2020-08-30)

A New Publication on Archaeological Sediment Chemistry in the Journal of Field Archaeology

Gygaia Projects

We are pleased to share that a new publication on sediment chemistry at Kaymakçı has just appeared in the Journal of Field Archaeology. See below for details!

Integrating Multi-Scalar Sampling Strategies for Archaeological Sediment Chemistry

Catherine B. Scott

Abstract: Archaeological sediment chemistry is a method for using the distribution of chemical elements across a site or landscape to elucidate site boundaries, site structures, and use of space. Archaeologists have sought to implement it at a number of scales, from the analysis of single excavated features to site prospection in regional survey. This article presents a model for an ongoing, multi-scalar collection strategy that builds on previous global work in sediment chemistry. Analyzed data derive from the Bronze Age (2nd millennium B.C.) citadel of Kaymakçı, Turkey. The article presents the results of laboratory x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of both surface and sub-surface samples associated with one excavation area to test the effectiveness of different sample collection strategies by analyzing relationships between sample chemical signatures. The results suggest that a multi-scalar geochemical dataset aids in intra-site feature prospection, site stratigraphy, and nuanced interpretations of the use of space.

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