Voices From the Field (2020-09-15)

Bird Watching and Lake Desiccation

Gygaia Projects

We were happy to partake in a collaborative effort with the Manisa Museum Directorate and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks in managing excavations associated with the construction of a bird watching tower built overlooking the shore of Lake Marmara.

Owing to prolonged drought, unfortunately, the shorelines of the extremely shallow lake have retreated significantly, with threat of full desiccation. As the lake’s area shrinks, some bird populations seemingly become denser, but this impression will not persist if the lake dries up further!

The fieldwork team in preparation
A view to the north mid-construction (September) and finished (later in October)
A view to the east mid-construction (September) and finished (later in October)
Some members of the diverse Lake Marmara bird population in flight above the desiccated shore

Look forward to more posts from Gygaia Projects soon!