Our Vision

Gygaia Projects focuses on three primary interests – culture, nature, and community – and especially in western Turkey…

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Who We Are

Our international team includes professors and students, professionals and amateurs, united by common interests…

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What We Do

Initiatives range from archaeological survey and excavation to habitat preservation and community building…

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What's in a Name?

From Homer and Hittite archives, we know the word gygaia was associated with ancestors and water birds in the Bronze Age dialects of Anatolia. Homer knew Lake Marmara as gygaia limne, or lake of “ancestors” or “water birds,” and the first historically attested king of ancient Lydia shared the name, too – Gyges.

Gygaia Projects is committed to the exploration, sustainable use, and preservation of the ancestral cultures and natural environments of the Marmara Lake basin and beyond.

And how do you pronounce it?

Gygaia can be pronounced many ways. We prefer two hard Gs for gee-gay-uh (not jee-jay-uh).